Come dopo ogni aggiornamento, i data miners hanno scoperto i nuovi oggetti in arrivo. I cosmetici potrebbero uscire sia nel negozio che in bundle e promozioni. Eccone alcuni:


Singularity (Legendary Outfit)

The first and the last.

Airhead (Epic Outfit)

Pop into action.

Bao Bros (Epic Outfit)

Steamed up and ready for action.

Starfish (Epic Outfit)

Queen of the reef.

Summer Drift (Epic Outfit)

Drifting through the sunshine.

Beach Bomber (Rare Outfit)

Make the beach party brite!

Bigfoot (Rare Outfit)

International man of mystery.

Biz (Rare Outfit)

Nothing personal, it’s just business.

Breakpoint (Rare Outfit)

Disrupt. Distract. Dominate.

Dare (Rare Outfit)

Dare to dream.

Doublecross (Rare Outfit)

Never turn your back.

Flutter (Rare Outfit)

Take flight.

Focus (Rare Outfit)

Visualize the future.

Heist (Rare Outfit)

Get in. Get Out. Get paid.

Pillar (Rare Outfit)

This isn’t even my final form.

Shot Caller (Rare Outfit)

It’s your move. Take your shot.

Vector (Rare Outfit)

Control the variables, control the battle.

Gage (Uncommon Outfit)

Instigate. Escalate. Overcome.

King Flamingo (Uncommon Outfit)

Some of us were born to fly…

Match Point (Uncommon Outfit)

Serving with skill.

Plastic Patroller (Uncommon Outfit)

Toy with the competition.

Toy Trooper (Uncommon Outfit)

Molded for victory.


Conch Cleaver (Epic Pickaxe)

A gift from the deep.

Dual Edge (Epic Pickaxe)

Slicing through the dimensional planes.

Plasma Carrot (Epic Pickaxe)

So good you can almost taste it.

Fixation (Rare Pickaxe)

Sharp, focused, and relentless.

Longhorn (Rare Pickaxe)

Corral the competition.

Low ‘n Slow (Rare Pickaxe)

Lock in the flavor of victory.

Metro Machetes (Rare Pickaxe)

Street smart and impossibly sharp.

Shard Sickle (Rare Pickaxe)

Harness the mysterious butterfly effect.

Flycatcher (Uncommon Pickaxe)

Never cross a caterpillar.

Lawnbreaker (Uncommon Pickaxe)

Rule the lawn with an iron beak.

Souped Up (Uncommon Pickaxe)

Victory by the spoonful.

Wild Tangent (Uncommon Pickaxe)

Find the impossible angle.

Back Bling

Anemone (Epic Back Bling)

Pleasantly hypnotic.

Bao Basket (Epic Back Bling)

Steamy and savory.

Cryo Hops (Epic Back Bling)

The bunny’s just chilling.

Neo Phrenzy (Epic Back Bling)

Phase through the firewall.

Oozie (Epic Back Bling)

Stay hydrated.

Brite Board (Rare Back Bling)

Shred the sunshine.

Carapace (Rare Back Bling)

Naturally thick skinned.

Chuck Pack (Rare Back Bling)

Wield responsibly.

Cooler (Rare Back Bling)

Pack a snack.

Floral Shell (Rare Back Bling)

Seaside style.

Flutter Wings (Rare Back Bling)

Float like a butterfly.

Glow Jet (Rare Back Bling)

Rated for all known atmospheres.

Signal Jammer (Rare Back Bling)

Nothing gets through.

Smoothie (Rare Back Bling)

Blended banana buddy.

Streamline (Rare Back Bling)

Streamlined style.

Tiny Totem (Rare Back Bling)

Carved in the likeness of victory.

Utility Pack (Rare Back Bling)

Everything you need.

Brave Bag (Uncommon Back Bling)

Brave and blue.

Color Guard (Uncommon Back Bling)

Forever bold.

Quack Pack (Uncommon Back Bling)

Everybody duck.


Man o’ War (Epic Glider)

Behold the splendor of the sea. From a safe distance.

Camp Cruiser (Rare Glider)

It’s his now.

Crop Duster (Rare Glider)

Prepare for the harvest.

Driftstream (Rare Glider)

Prepare for interdimensional drift.

Ion (Rare Glider)

Glide beyond the edge of science.

Helium (Uncommon Glider)

Lighter than air.

Payload (Uncommon Glider)

A megaton of smiles.

Rush (Uncommon Glider)

It’s a rush!


Deep End (Rare Emote)

Dive in.

Savor The W (Rare Emote)

This is what winning looks like.

Featherweight (Uncommon Emote)

Do you even lift?

Jumping Jacks (Uncommon Emote)

Get jacked!


Hexform (Rare Wrap)

Show your style.

Kitsune (Rare Wrap)

Show your style.

Bizzy (Uncommon Wrap)

Show your style.

Blue Camo (Uncommon Wrap)

Show your style.

Brite Stars (Uncommon Wrap)

Show your style.

Flowerprint (Uncommon Wrap)

Show your style.

Green Toy (Uncommon Wrap)

Show your style.

Grey Toy (Uncommon Wrap)

Show your style.

Neon Tropics (Uncommon Wrap)

Show your style.

Scanline (Uncommon Wrap)

Show your style.


Beachballs (Rare Skydiving Trail)

Get the party started.

Water Balloon (Rare Toy)